VAT Services

Business Benefits

Our relationships with tax offices world-wide expedite your claims

We have a dedicated, highly experienced tax office team who work very closely with our account managers. This means any tax office enquiries from anywhere in the world are managed effectively and efficiently.

Our robust and time-proven system of monitoring and meeting strict tax office deadlines ensures VAT recovery claims are received quickly and in full with key stakeholders kept abreast of progress.

We only ever claim for expenses that can be legally recovered. This has given us a unique and priceless high standing with tax offices across the globe so our claims are processed quickly and any tax office enquiries almost always result in a favourable outcome.

Our expected recovery times forecast helps your cash flow

With years of experience in dealing with VAT offices around the world, we can forecast expected recovery times from the thousands of claims submitted monthly and monitor your claims against that forecast. We give you a progress analysis of every claim and we automatically chase overdue refunds for you.

We provide the expected recovery time forecast and overdue refunds service as part of our standard contingency fee – you do not pay extra for this.

Your dedicated account manager knows your business inside and out

We assign a named account manager to all our clients (if you are a larger account, we will assign an entire team to you). This means you always have a knowledgeable and trusted point of contact who doesn’t need a summary of your company or issue every time you call. We gain by having an expert on your company’s affairs to speed along every VAT recovery claim accurately and comprehensively.

Your dedicated account manager will:

  • understand your specific business, your challenges and your areas of risk
  • provide a strategic overview including identification of additional opportunities and recommendations for areas of improvement
  • arrange bespoke reporting requirements
  • manage any and all one-off requests.

We provide the services of your dedicated account manager as part of our standard contingency fee – you do not pay extra for this.

Invoice restyling* ensures a successful claim every time

Invoices that do not contain all the required information, in sufficient detail, will stop your VAT recovery claim in its tracks.

We check all invoices and any other supporting documents meet the relevant tax office requirements. If they are not fit-for-purpose, we contact the supplier and obtain restyled documents which will fully support your claim.

We provide the restyling of all invoices as part of our standard contingency fee – you do not pay extra for this.

* Invoice re-styling is where an invoice, often from a hotel, is returned to the supplier to have the information amended to meet the requirements of the relevant tax authority. This is usually when an invoice has been issued with the name and address of an individual traveller rather than their company.