Claim VAT Back

How We Can Help

We offer customised VAT recovery services to suit your exact requirements throughout the world. There follows a selection of the services that over 5,000 clients have relied upon us to consistently deliver across 140 countries. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation discussion about how we can recover the maximum VAT, quickly and easily for you.

Obtaining The Relevant Documents In Advance

We will provide full support to ensure that any documentation required to accompany your claim is sourced and provided to the relevant tax authorities. This ensures smooth account set up and seamless processing of recovery claims. You can choose the way we do this for you:

  • Accounts Payable

    You send us your foreign AP invoices either physically, electronically or as data directly from your ERP package and we do everything else. We will identify your maximum recovery opportunities and quickly prepare, check and submit accurate claims to any tax office in the world.

    For those invoices where VAT has been incorrectly applied by a vendor, we will engage with your supplier to seek a direct refund on your behalf.

    Any invoices that require restyling will be handled directly by us on your behalf.

  • Travel & Expenses

    We can process your T&E VAT recovery in any way that suits your business requirements. Whether this is data and images extracted directly from your T&E Management Solution, electronic files via email, hard copy audit retrieval or a combination of the above, we will seamlessly process a maximised VAT recovery claim on your behalf.

  • Tooling

    VAT recovery on tooling invariably requires obtaining more supporting documentation and supply chain information in order to be able to file a successful claim, due in part to the high values that can be involved. Our staff are experts in the specific VAT treatment of tooling in different markets. We couple this expertise with an account manager who has a thorough knowledge of your business structure and activities to ensure efficient, maximised VAT recovery on your tooling costs.

  • Inter-Company

    Some multi-national clients will have a requirement to invoice other entities within their Group, including local VAT amounts. We help you navigate the often complex process, filtering out reverse charges, and invoices where VAT is not applicable and ensuring we help you claim what’s legally recoverable. Our specialist reporting helps provide internal transparency across business entities.

  • Haulage & Coach Operators

    We understand the unique set of challenges faced by hauliers and coach operators. The haulage and coach landscape has changed significantly over the last 10 years and our expert team, with over 42 years of haulage claim experience between them, are uniquely placed to assist you in reclaiming these substantial VAT amounts quickly and in full.

    We help you minimise cost, reduce administrative effort and speed refunds with a dedicated account manager who understands your specific business needs. We also provide you full transparency of your claim every step of the way via our online reporting system.

  • 6th Directive

    Many of our clients choose to use our VAT expertise in preparing their 6th Directive VAT recovery claims. We treat Domestic Scheduling with the same thorough approach as we do any other claim. The only difference is that when your fully prepared claim is complete, we return it to you for inclusion in your Tax Return instead of submitting electronically via the Member State Web Portals. We use our extensive VAT knowledge to ensure the maximum value is identified for recovery and included within the claim, freeing up the valuable time of your tax team to do what they do best.

  • 8th Directive

    If you are using a T&E Management Solution, then the VAT recovery process for EU Member states has never been easier.

    Maintaining a paperless process from traveller to member state portal submission is good news for everyone. Reduction in paper wastage, improved data security and greater efficiency are all reasons why many of our clients work with us to seamlessly extract, analyse and process their VAT reclaims electronically.

    We also work with clients who employ a hybrid approach, combining physical audits with electronic expense reports. Whatever your requirements for recovery are, we can deliver a service that is tailored to your specific business requirements.

  • 13th Directive

    If you are operating primarily under the 13th Directive, we can help you with the time consuming VAT recovery process.

    The 13th Directive allows Non-EU businesses to recover VAT on certain costs and expenses incurred in the EU (e.g. exhibitions/conferences/training events, hotel bills and car hire etc.) but claims must still be submitted in hard copy format. We receive all hard copy invoices from your business travellers, either directly or from a central client team, and accurately process these against either the electronic expense report generated by your T&E system or any other preferred format.

    We also save you time and frustration by following up directly with travellers and service providers (e.g. hotels) to obtain any missing or incorrect invoices before processing the VAT refund claim. We provide a full report on any expense items that do not comply with the relevant country’s VAT laws so your travellers can avoid mistakes in the future.