Ways We Recover VAT

Electronic Audit

We extract data directly from your electronic travel and expense (T&E) system. We filter the data for every expense where we can recover VAT for you and ensure there is a matching invoice image to support the claim. Whether you use one of our partner systems or not, we can ensure the right process is set up.

On Site Audit

Our highly trained staff can visit your premises to carefully extract all the eligible invoices from your expense files. We immediately replace the removed invoices with stamped copies so your files remain intact.

Desk Audit

Save your time and the risk of mistakes by sending all your expense files to us. We extract all eligible original documents to support your VAT recovery claim and replace the originals with stamped copies before safely returning the files to you.

Mail In

You only send us those invoices you deem recoverable and we use them to quickly make a claim.

Additional Services Included

As part of our VAT recovery, we offer the following services as part of our standard fee.

Invoice Restyling

Invoices without the right detail will stop recovery in its tracks. We check all invoices and supporting documents to ensure they meet the requirements. If there is anything missing, we will contact the supplier directly and obtain restyled documents to fully support the claim.

Managing Tax Office Enquiries

Each Tax Authority has their own procedures and varying complexities when it comes to Tax Office Enquiries (TOE). Our Tax Office Team take responsibility for ensuring translation requirements are managed, deadlines are met and you are kept updated of progress at all times.

Recovering Incorrect VAT from Suppliers

If you have been incorrectly charged VAT on an invoice, we will recover the VAT directly from the supplier on your behalf.

Secure Storage Hard Copy Invoices

We will safely return all hard copy original invoices back to you or we will store them securely for up to 12 years. The latter option will save you filing time and your records will remain complete as they will contain stamped copies of the originals.


We use a simple and transparent contingency fee structure. There are no initial costs or hidden fees – you simply pay a proportion of the VAT we recover for you only once it has been received. As you might expect, the percentage we charge is dependent upon the service you require and the amount of the claim.