vat reclaim services

Our Services

There are many reasons to choose us for your VAT refund partner. Here are just a few of our strengths that ensure the efficient processing and payment of your claims and the highest possible recovery rate:

  • Our staff are highly qualified, very experienced and stay with us for a long time (account managers work with us for 10 years or more on average).
  • Our relationships with tax offices are a key driver in speeding refunds.
  • We triple check and verify your claim at multiple stages to ensure nothing has been missed out and that all information is accurate and compliant.
  • Clients’ refunds flow through secure currency accounts with a trusted global bank. As soon as we receive your VAT refund from a tax office, we generate an automated email notification and payment is made electronically to a nominated bank account within 3 working days.

  • Electronic Audit

    The entire VAT recovery process is smoothly accelerated when we extract data directly from your electronic travel and expense (T&E) system. We filter the data for every expense where we can recover VAT for you, ensure there is a matching invoice image to support the expense and process the claim. This procedure is fast and seamless when you operate one of our partner software packages but we can quickly set up an extraction process for any other system you use.

  • On Site Audit

    Our highly trained staff visit your premises to carefully extract all the eligible invoices from your expense files. We immediately replace the removed invoices with stamped copies so your files remain intact.

  • Desk Audit

    Save your time and the risk of mistakes by sending all your expense files to us. We extract all eligible original documents to support your VAT recovery claim and replace the originals with stamped copies before safely returning the files to you.

  • Mail In

    You only send us those invoices you deem recoverable and we use them to quickly make a claim.

  • Employee Compliance

    Primarily for our 13th Directive clients, we work with your travellers and suppliers to obtain the original and hard copy invoices required for submission to Tax Offices for successful recovery. Engaging with stakeholders to increase compliance, boosting recovery and providing full reporting transparency for easy identification and addressing of risk areas.