VAT recovery team

VAT Recovery

Over 1 billion pounds of VAT recovered since 1980.

We take on all the administrative effort of making countless VAT recovery claims for you and maximise the value of every application. We pride ourselves on our communication with customers and ensure you have all the insight and transparency you would expect from having your own in-house tax team.

As well as recovering VAT from business travel, supplier invoices, inter-company invoices and trade fair and conference costs, Quipsound also provide specialist support for:

  • Clinical Trials (pharma)
  • Tooling (automotive and manufacturing)
  • Haulage companies

Our experience and expertise vastly increase the speed and success rate of your VAT claims.

VAT Registration numbers automatically validated

Quipsound’s proprietary software automatically validates supplier VAT registration numbers ensuring client claims are accurate and compliant prior to submission to the relevant Tax Authority.  This automation makes what was previously a time-consuming task, faster and more accurate, delivering time and cost efficiencies.

Use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables Quipsound to efficiently and effectively submit VAT Recovery Claims to Member State Web Portals.  The use of RPA eliminates any potential for incorrect data entry, is significantly faster than manual entry and frees up valuable account management time, ensuring our teams are focused on higher value activities such as the handling of Tax Office Enquiries.