VAT Refunds – How We Do It

We take on all the administrative effort of making countless VAT recovery claims for you. We pride ourselves on our communication with customers and ensure you have all the insight and transparency you would expect from having your own in-house tax team.

Our experience and expertise vastly increase the speed and success rate of your VAT claims.

VAT Refund Process

Working with Quipsound on VAT Recovery

Our software automatically validates supplier VAT registration numbers ensuring client claims are accurate and compliant prior to submission to the relevant Tax Authority.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enables Quipsound to efficiently and effectively submit VAT Recovery Claims to Member State Web Portals.
We can forecast recovery times to help you manage your cashflow.
We will update you regularly and automatically chase overdue refunds.
We will provide full support to ensure that any documentation required to accompany your claim is sourced and provided to the relevant tax authorities.
You send us your foreign AP invoices either physically, electronically or as data directly from your ERP package and we do everything else.
We will identify your maximum recovery opportunities and quickly prepare, check and submit accurate claims to any tax office in the world.
We contact your supplier directly for any missing information on invoices.
For multinational companies we can help navigate the complex process recovering VAT across different business entities.
6th Directive & Domestic VAT Changes

We treat Domestic Scheduling with the same thorough approach as we do any other claim. The only difference is that when your fully prepared claim is complete, we return it to you for inclusion in your Tax Return instead of submitting electronically via the Member State Web Portals.

8th Directive VAT Claims

If you are using a T&E Management Solution, then the VAT recovery process for EU Member states has never been easier.

Maintaining a paperless process from traveller to member state portal submission means reduction in paper wastage, improved data security and greater efficiency.

We also work with clients who employ a hybrid approach, combining physical audits with electronic expense reports.

13th Directive VAT Claims

The 13th Directive allows Non-EU businesses to recover VAT on certain costs and expenses incurred in the EU (e.g. exhibitions/conferences/training events, hotel bills and car hire etc.) but claims must still be submitted in hard copy format. We receive all hard copy invoices from your business travellers, either directly or from a central client team, and accurately process these against either the electronic expense report generated by your T&E system or any other preferred format.

We also save you time and frustration by following up directly with travellers and service providers (e.g. hotels) to obtain any missing or incorrect invoices before processing the VAT refund claim. We provide a full report on any expense items that do not comply with the relevant country’s VAT laws so your travellers can avoid mistakes in the future.